Due to Covid-19, we have postponed our fitting event and are not currently accepting dresses for donation. We will update our website once a secondary date has been chosen. Thank you! 

At the first WPG Dress Collective Fitting event, 21 brides found 21 dresses: a 100% success rate. Since then, we’ve been quietly placing dresses with brides with individual appointments.

Now, we’re excited to be preparing for our second major fitting event where we will also be providing suits by EPH Apparel to deserving grooms.

Thank you!To find out how you can donate a dress, please click on the “donate a dress” tab to review our criteria. Same goes for applying for a dress!

To volunteer or find out how you can get involved, email hannah@wpgdressproject.com

To learn more about the WPG Dress Collective, please visit our “About” page.





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