The Dress Collective is a giving project to empower women by encouraging philanthropy, and the act of #doingsomethingfornothing.

It started with an idea that I could help someone by giving away a wedding dress that I didn’t need, to someone who could use it. Posting a simple request on Kijii brought over 10,000 views on my ad for a free wedding dress to a deserving bride, and nearly 50 submissions within the first three days.

While poring through dozens of submissions, I realized that choosing one was nearly impossible, and that I could do more to help. The result has been friends and strangers donating their dresses to the cause of helping brides feel amazing on their wedding day. It’s a collective of women helping women- #doingsomethingfornothing.

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Donated dresses will be matched with brides who apply for them through the website, submitting a story of why they need a free dress for their wedding. Once they’re matched, their story will be shared with the woman who donated it.

To donate or apply for a dress, contact Hannah at hannah@wpgdressproject.com

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