New for 2020, EPH Apparel has partnered with the WPG Dress Collective to donate suits to grooms in need. These suits will be given to deserving grooms who have applied or been nominated and are selected to attend the fitting event on March 22, 2020 and will be outfitted by EPH Apparel team members at that time.

To apply for an EPH Apparel suit:

  • Send your story written in a few paragraphs with the details you feel comfortable sharing to
    Include your date or prospective date of the wedding, preferred style and contact information (phone number, email)

    • Giving as much detail as possible, please include the following measurements (if known) or a recent photo
      Height and Weight
      Usual Jean size (e.g. 36 x 32)
      Shoe Size
      Neck size
      Chest size
  • We will contact you when you’ve been approved, and will confirm the next fitting event. Please check your junk mail!
  • You must continue to communicate with us to confirm your appointment.
  • Pay it forward in some way when you have the chance to someone else

Welcome to the WPG Dress Collective!