Jo-Anne Claire Thompson

On September 21st, a beautiful woman, friend, and WPG Dress Collective supporter and volunteer left us far too soon.

Jo-Anne Claire Thompson is the mother of Jennifer Thompson, a dear and close friend of the WPG Dress Collective’s founder, Hannah Pratt. The mother and daughter team were instrumental in assisting with the WPG Dress Collective’s first event in March, 2018, and were both volunteer consultants to assist brides in need.


Jo-Anne, a woman known for her style and flair for fashion, drew great joy from assisting women in need find their gowns- just as she had with her own daughter Jennifer for her wedding to Angus De Klerk in February of 2018 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Hannah Pratt attended this wedding as a bridesmaid with family friends and was able to see the joy of Jo-Anne and Jim Thompson at their daughter’s wedding and spend time with them on the trip of a lifetime in South Africa.

The florals at the WPG Dress Collective March 2018 event were donated by the Thompson family from the Winnipeg wedding reception for Jennifer & Angus, which took place the same weekend of the inaugural dress fitting event. These flowers and the presence of Jo-Anne and Jennifer brought exceptional beauty to the event, which could not have taken place without them.


Contributions to the WPG Dress Collective are being accepted in Jo-Anne’s memory, as per the Thompson family wishes. These contributions will help fund the project and dress fitting events, which are run through 100% volunteer resources and contributions. The next fitting event will take place in the in the Winter of 2018-2019 season, and will be publicly dedicated to Jo-Anne’s memory.

Funds will assist with:

  • The venue rental
  • Event supplies and rentals
  • Dress racking
  • Transportation to the event for out-of-town brides
  • Purchasing of dresses in a highly-requested size (16-24) and
  • Bridal gift packages

Funds in Jo-Anne’s memory can be directed to the WPG Dress Collective through e-transfers to For any other payment inquiries, please contact the e-mail address above to arrange.

*Please note that the WPG Dress Collective is not able to provide tax receipts, and is not a registered charity. It is a giving project and social enterprise funded by contributions and in-kind support from the community. Funds will be accepted into a business account accessible and visible by Jennifer Thompson*

Thank you for your support of the WPG Dress Collective Jo-Anne. We miss you.

Jo-Anne is visible in the video below at 1:20 and 2:22.


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